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Pronatur Orange Solvent

What is Pronatur Orange Solvent?

A unique, safe solvent cleaner and degreaser formulated from derivatives of orange oils and synthesised mineral oil with a flashpoint of 69°C (classifying it as “non-flammable”)

What does Pronatur Orange Solvent replace?

It replaces chlorinated, paraffinic and flammable solvents in most applications thus offering a safer alternative for effective degreasing.

What can Pronatur Orange Solvent be used for

It can be used as a heavy duty cleaner for removing mineral oil based problems such as tar, grease, carbon and bitumen. It will remove waxes, adhesives, uncured paint and varnish and also oil-based inks. Pronatur Orange Solvent will help to clean asphalt, creosote, chewing gum, silicone sealant and other mastics. It is ideal for cleaning oil spills off hard surfaces, cleaning engines, parts washing, tank cleaning, electric motor cleaning and adhesive residue removal.

Pronatur Orange Solvent will not damage most surfaces. It is completely safe on all metals, composites, plastics, ceramics, acrylics, concrete, brick, glass, stone, wood and painted surfaces. It will not affect cured resins and is safe on most fabrics. Care should be taken on silk, leather and certain rubbers (vulcanised rubber is unaffected.) Because Pronatur Orange Solvent is completely non-miscible with water it is an ideal oily water separator. Where oily residues are washed into separator or interceptor tanks, no emulsification occurs so outfalls are completely free of oil and solvent.

How do you use Pronatur Orange Solvent?

Pronatur Orange Solvent can only be used neat and should be used cold – heating generates no advantages. It can be used by spraying, wiping, dipping or soaking. It can also be used in most normal cleaning systems such as ultrasonic tanks, dip tanks, power washers and parts washers. Where residues are contaminated with by water, leave to stand and the water will separate out. Performance can be improved in certain cases by working Pronatur Orange Solvent into stubborn soils and allowing it time to penetrate.

Other Information

Pronatur Orange Solvent can still be effective even when contaminated with soils by up to 50%. Where recovery is possible, Pronatur Orange Solvent is up to 90% reusable by volume by passing through a filter of 10 microns or less.  Recovered material may remain discoloured although this in no way affects its performance. Because Pronatur Orange Solvent has a slower evaporation rate than chlorinated solvents, where a production process requires speed, drying can be enhanced by adding heat, a flow of air or exposure to a vacuum.

General Safety Information

Pronatur Orange Solvent contains no harmful ingredients. It is non-toxic to humans, animals, birds and marine life. It is non-carcinogenic, non-aggressive and fully biodegradable to CO² and water. It has a very high flashpoint but should not be used where naked flames or sparks are present. No special equipment, protective clothing or ventilation is required but gloves are recommended where long term exposure is expected or where the operator has sensitive skin. Otherwise standard recognised procedures when handling chemicals should be observed. There are no special requirements for disposal although some contaminants may demand certain procedures. The liquid is suitable for low temperature incineration. Unless contaminated with substances which require special handling, used solvent should be disposed of as waste oil.


Pronatur Orange Solvent is approved to BS4870 Part 2 for degreasing aluminium prior to welding. It complies with the Department Of Energy Category 1 M.A.F.F., D.A.F.S. for foreshore cleaning. It is OCNS (Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme) listed for products suitable for offshore use. It is approved by Rolls-Royce to CSS255 (Non-Halogenated Organic Solvent Cleaners) and has Ford Tox approval (155602.)

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